Preschool Teacher? Two Activities the Kids Can Do to Help Them Learn

If you are a preschool teacher, you know kids learn best by doing activities. There are some activities the children will have a lot of fun doing without even realizing they are learning something. Below are two of these activities that you can look at so you can determine whether they would be right for your preschool and the children.

Play Treasure Hunt

Kids love to hunt for things, and you can make a treasure hunt for them to help them learn. Get some blank cards made of poster paper or cardboard. On each card put a shape, number, or letter, depending on the age of the children. Hide the cards around the room and ask the children to find them.

When they find a card, instruct them to bring it to you and tell you what the shape, number, or letter on the card is. Once they do, this they can go back to hunting for another card. If you want a winner for this game, stack up the cards for each child; whoever finds the most will win the game. Their cards should not count, however, if they cannot tell you what is on them.

Make a Book

To help the kids learn their letters, you can help them make an alphabet book. First ask the children to choose 26 pages of different-colored construction paper. Then you can use a marker to write one letter on the top of each page for each letter of the alphabet. If the children are very young, you can use only a few letters at a time to make shorter books.

Give the children stacks of photographs, magazines, and anything else that has pictures on it. Start out with the letter A and ask the children to look through the pictures until they find something that starts with the letter A. Keep going until you get through the last letter.

When the game is finished, ask the children to stack their papers in order from A to Z, and give them a blank piece of construction paper so they can create their book cover. Now it is time to bind their book. This can be done in many ways. One easy way you can do this is to staple the pages together.

These are just two activities you can do with the children. Do some research by looking through magazines and browsing online for other fun activities. You can also check out schools such as Small World Early Learning & Development Center to get ideas.

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