Sniffle. Sniffle. Cough: 4 Ways To Keep Your Kids Healthy During Flu Season

Flu season is on its way. If your kids are in school, you'll want to keep them healthy. You'll also to prevent them from spreading flu germs. If they've received their flu shots, they're well on their way to being protected against sickness. Unfortunately, flu shots don't protect against all the flu strains that are active each year. They only protect against the strains that are expected to be the most active. To add an additional layer of protection for your kids, here are four simple steps you can take.

Practice Safe Coughs and Sneezes

Kids love to gather in packs, even in the classroom. Unfortunately, that pack mentality can lead to a lot of shared germs. One cough or sneeze can spread flu germs throughout the room. Saliva from a cough can travel at about 50 mph.

While you can't expect your kids to stay away from their friends, you can teach your child the proper way to sneeze and cough – which is to lift their arm to their face and aim their mouth directly into their arm. The more your kids practice safe coughs and sneezes, the more their friends will pick up on the same safe habits. It's also a good idea to ask your kids teachers to keep the desks farther apart during cold and flu season.

Provide Hand sanitizer

Kids come in contact with a lot of germs during the school day. Whether it's in the classroom, the playground or the bathroom, they're touching germs that could make them sick.

Keep your child supplied with hand sanitizer and teach them how to use it properly. For instance, remind them to sanitize their hands before they eat their food. They should also sanitize their hands after touching water fountains or door handles.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Proper nutrition is essential during flu season. Be sure your child eats balanced meals throughout the day. This includes increasing the amount of colors your child eats each day. Add a variety of fruits and vegetables to your child's diet including carrots, tomatoes and apples. Try to provide several colorful fruits and vegetables at least twice a day.

Increase Water Consumption

Water is essential to good health. Provide a water bottle for your child that they can refill throughout the day. Water boosts your immunity and flushes out the toxins that could be making you sick.

Kids need to be in school. Unfortunately, flu season can create the need for sick days, which means your child will need to miss out on school for a few days. Help keep your elementary school kids healthy by implementing the tips provided above.

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